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Laboratory/group of Solid-State Chemistry and Materials Science

Group Members:
Prof. DSc. Tony Spassov; Dr. Tsveta Sarafska; Dr. Stanislava Todorova; Dr. Veselina Rangelova
Dr. Ludmila Lyubenova; Dr. Luben Mihaylov; MSc. Maya Spassova
PhD students: 3

The Laboratory/group of Solid-State Chemistry and Materials Science (chair: prof. Tony Spassov, http://www.chem.uni-sofia.bg/depart/itchem/), part of the department of Applied Inorganic Chemistry, is currently engaged with teaching and research in the field of the Modern materials science. The Laboratory activities in the traditional for the well-known Bulgarian physico-chemical research school topics like nucleation and crystal growth, crystallization of metallic glasses, thermodynamics of binary and ternary systems, diffusion in solids serve as a basis for the rapid development of a number of areas of the modern materials science and solid state chemistry: synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline and nanostructured materials with different applications; design of materials for hydrogen storage as well as hydrogen evolution; kinetics of heterogeneous reactions and phase transformations; high temperature oxidation and corrosion of metals; nano- and microporous metals by selective electrochemical dissolution.

Awards (Tony Spassov):

National award “Pitagor” as most successful manager of international projects – 2013

Award of the Ministry of Education and Science in Bulgaria – 2014

Medal of honor “St. Kl. Ohridski” with blue band – 2011

Recent References:

  1. Grigorova, E., Spassova, M., Spassov, T., Khristov, M. Hydrogen sorption properties of 90 wt% MgH2-10 wt% MeSi 2 (Me = Ti, Cr) Journal of Materials Science 49 (6) 2014, 2647-2652
  2. Révész, Á., Kis-Tóth, Á., Varga, L.K., Lábár, J.L., Spassov, T. High glass forming ability correlated with microstructure and hydrogen storage properties of a Mg-Cu-Ag-Y glass, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 39, Issue 17, 5 June 2014, Pages 9230-9240.
  1. L. Mihaylov, L. Lyubenova, Ts. Gerdjikov, D. Nihtianova, T. Spassov Selective dissolution of amorphous Zr-Cu-Ni-Al alloys Corrosion Science 2015, doi:10.1016/j.corsci.2015.02.031
  2. Hristina Stoyadinova, Zlatina Zlatanova, Maya Spassova, Tony Spassov, Mikhail Baklanov

Influence of Milling Conditions on the Hydriding Properties of Mg-C Nanocomposites

Journal of Nanomaterials, Volume 2015, Article ID 418585


Scientific equipment:

Scanning and transmission electron microscopes (SEM, TEM) – Faculty laboratories

Laboratory of thermal analyses (DSC, DTA, TG)

X-ray diffractometers (powder and single crystal)