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Laboratory of Nanoparticle Science and Technology

Group Members:
Assoc. Prof. D.Dimitrov
Assoc. Prof. K.Papazova
Assoc. Prof. B. Donkova
Asist. Prof. Hr. Hristov
Dr. A. Bojinova
PhD students: 2

The Laboratory of Nanoparticle Science and Technology, LNST (Assoc. Prof. D. Tz. Dimitrov) was established in 2000 as a part of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry. LNST aims at developing new nanomaterials based on the experience acquired abroad and the departmental traditions in inorganic chemistry, new materials synthesis, materials science, catalysis, colloid chemistry, etc. LNST synthesizes nanoparticles in the form of powder and thin films of various applications: catalysis for reduction of CO and photo-catalysis  for wastes of pharmaceutical and textile industry.

Recent References:

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