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Laboratory of Biophysical Chemistry

Group Members:
Prof. Dr. Tzvetanka Ivanova
Assoc. Prof. DSc. Konstantin Balashev
Assist. Prof. Dr. Nikolay Grozev
Assist. Prof. Dr. Kristina Mircheva
Assist. Prof. Dr. Petar Georgiev
Dr Silvia Simeonova
PhD students: 1

The objective of the Laboratory of Biophysical Chemistry is a complete physicochemical study of important for the pharmacy, medicine and biotechnology model systems of lipid and protein nanostructures. The main research interests of the group are the studies of the state, electrical and rheological properties of the model 2D-systems: monolayers, liposomial bilayers and suspensions. Interfacial and temporal organization of the lipolysis. Mechanisms of degradation of the polyesters and lipid micro- and nano-capsules. Photochemical reactions at the interface. State, electrical and rheological properties of the biopolymer model monolayers from the plant kingdom. Gold nanoparticles and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM).

Recent References:

1.K. Mircheva, M. Gonnet, K. Balashev, Tz. Ivanova, F. Boury, I. Panaiotov, “Properties of -carotene and retinoic acid in mixed monolayers with dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC) and Solutol”,Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochem Eng Aspects, .460 (2014) 209.

2.Tz. Ivanova, K. Mircheva, K. Balashev, I. Minkov, P. Saulnier and I. Panaiotov, “Interfacial behavior of lipid nanocapsules spread on model membrane monolayers”, Coll. Polym. Sci, 292 (6) (2014) 1307.

3.P. Georgiev, A. Bojinova, B. Kostova,  D. Momekova, T. Bjornholm,  K.Balashev, „Implementing atomic force microscopy (AFM) for studying kinetics of gold nano-particle’s growth” Colloids Surf A: Physicochem Eng Aspects, 434 (2013) 154


Scientific equipment:

Multimode V AFM (Bruker, Germany)

Caliber AFM (Bruker, Germany)

Langmuir Balance with LB Trough (KSV2000, Finland)

Nanosizer (Malvern, UK)