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Group on Chemistry of heterocyclic compounds

Group members:
Dr. Milen Bogdanov
Dr. Ivan Svinyarov
Assoc. Prof. Dr Aleksey Vasilev
Chief Assistant Professor Dr Meglena Kandinska
PhD students: 2

The group on Chemistry of heterocyclic compounds works in three research directions: i) Design and synthesis of novel compounds of pharmaceutical interest; ii) Design and synthesis of ionic liquids; iii) Development of green processes for recovery of natural products. Our main interests are focused on the synthesis and estimation of the properties and application of different types of new polymethine dyes including styryl dyes, squarylium and croconium dyes, perylene dyes, porphyrins and phthalocyanines. We are interested in the development of dyes for traditional applications but also for applications in high-tech fields – dyes for molecular organic solar thermal systems (MOSTS) – current project DFNI E 02/11/2014, dyes for dyes-sensitized solar cells and nonlinear optical materials, dyes for biomedical application – protein and DNA fluorescent probes.

Recent references:

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