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Group of Organic Synthesis and NMR spectroscopy

Group Members:
Assoc. Prof. Rositca Nikolova;
Assoc. Prof. Donka Tasheva;
Dr. Nevena Petkova;
Dr. Yulian Zagranyarski;
Dr. Nikola Burdjiev;
Ana Koleva
PhD students: 2

The coumarin phosphorus-containing derivatives are well known for their various biological activities and are extensively used in medicine, as pesticides etc. These properties have provoked the research interests of the Group of Organic Synthesis and NMR spectroscopy towards the synthesis of phosphorus-containing coumarin derivatives as well to a detailed investigation on their chemical behaviour and properties. On the other hand their research interests range from the development of new class dyes and pigments, including methods of organometallic chemistry, to the chemistry and physics of small molecules, graphenes and biosynthetic hybrids.

Awards: National Award for Excellent PhD Thesis in the scope of Natural Science for 2007 – Dr. Nevena Petkova

Recent References:

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Scientific equipment:

500MHz NMR Spectrometer