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Group of Chemometrics and Environmetrics

Group Members:
Prof. Stefan Tsakovski
Prof. V. Simeonov
Assist. Prof. Miroslava Nedyalkova
Assist. Prof. Tsvetomil Voyslavov
PhD student: 1

The research work of the group is focused mainly on environmental and health risk assessment and includes: epidemiolocal data mining concerning environmental health issues, pollution assessment of different environments concerning traditional and new emerging chemicals by approaches of environmetrics; ecotoxicity modeling studies of relationships between different ecotoxicty tests and environmental pollutants behavior and fate, as well as molecular properties in gaseous phase and solutions.


Prof. Vasil Simeonov – International Award “Fritz Feigl” of the Austrian Chemical Society and Prof. Stefan Tsakovski – for the best young scientist of University of Sofia.


Recent References:

  1. “Relationship between Heavy Metal Distribution in Sediment Samples and their Ecotoxicity by the Use of the Hasse Diagram Technique” Tsakovski S., B. Kudlak, V. Simeonov, L. Wolska, G. Garcia and J. Namiesnik, Anal. Chim. Acta, 719(3) (2012) 16-23.
  2. 2. “ Molecular dynamics simulation of the spherical electrical double layer of a soft nanoparticle: Effect of the surface charge and counterion valence ” Nedyalkova ,S. Madurga ,S. Pisov, I. Pastor,E. Vilaseca and F. Mas J. Chem. Phys. 137, 174701 (2012)
  3. 3. “ Identification of metabolic pathways in daphnia magna explaining hormetic effects of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and 4-nonylphenol using transcriptomic and phenotypic responses” Campos, B., N. Garcia-Reyero, C. Rivetti, L. Escalon, T. Habib, R. Tauler, S. Tsakovski, B. Piña and C. Barata Environmental Science and Technology, 47(16) (2013) 9434


Scientific equipment:

The Microtox® Model 500 (M500) analyser for ecotoxicity measurements.