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Group for synthesis, characterization and application of nanomaterials

Group Members:
Prof. I. Karadjova
Assoc. prof. I. Dakova
Assoc. prof. P. Vassileva-Tsanova
Assistant prof. E. Mladenova
Assistant prof. T. Jordanova
PhD students: 3

The research activities of the Group for synthesis, characterization and application of nanomaterials are determination of pollutants in environmental samples based on on site  fast, sensor screening  and analysis of environmental, food and pharmaceutical samples based on  selective solid phase extraction and determination of chemical species of priority pollutants (surface waters, wines and hemodialysis solutions).


Pythagoras Award of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education for “Best Research Group”


Recent References:

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Scientific equipment:

Atomic absorption spectrometers – flame, electrothermal and hydride; ICP-OES spectrometer; ICP-MS spectrometer; chromatography – HPLC; electrochemistry – Methrom voltammeter