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Biocoordination and Bioanalytical Chemistry

Group members: 

Assos. prof. I. Pantcheva
prof. R. Djingova
assos. prof. A. Ahmedova
assist. prof. V. Atanasov
assist. prof. B. Todorov
assist. prof. V. Mihaylova
assist. prof. B. Zlateva
assist. prof. V. Lubomirova
PhD students: 2

The research activities of the Laboratory of Biocoordination and Bioanalytical Chemistry include following main directions: i) Study on complexation processes of biologically active compounds with various metal ions in order to improve the biological activity of ligands investigated; ii) Combined theoretical and spectroscopic approach to describe the structure-activity relationship of metal complexes; iii) Bioanalytical and toxicological, antibacterial and anticancer studies. The radiopharmaceutics and their properties are some of the objectives studied by the Laboratory of ICP techniques and trace analysis.

Recent  references:

1.Stoykova, S., Y. Goranova, I. N. Pantcheva, V. Atanasov, D. Danchev, S. Petrova, Hemolytic activity and platelet aggregation inhibitory effect of vipoxin’s basic sPLA2 subunit, Interdisc. Toxicology 6(3) (2013) 136-140.

2.Stoykova, S., V. Atanasov, I. Pantcheva, Determination of some biochemical parameters in oral fluid and evaluation of their stability at different storage conditions, Toxicol. Analyt. & Clinique (2015) accepted

3.Ahmedova A., K. Paradowska, I. Wawer, 1H, 13C MAS NMR and DFT GIAO study of quercetin and its complex with Al(III) in solid state, J. Inorg. Biochem. 110 (2012) 27-35


Scientific equipment:

IR and UV-VIS spectrophotometers, HPLC, ICP-MS, Biochemical analyser, Laminar, Thermostat, Coagulometer, Electrophoresis