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Project description

Work package 1. Project management

Task 1.1. Establishment, regular meetings and functioning of the Steering Committee (SC) during the project realization

Task 1.2. Establishment and regular meetings of the Management Committee (MC) during the project realization

Task 1.3. Administrative management of the project including

Task 1.4. Synchronization of the activities within the project with local, regional or national programmes

Task 1.5. Efficient financial management and accounting.

Task 1.6. Preparation of the reports of the project.

Task 1.7. Introduction in the reporting tool on the Participant Portal all publications (in the particular field of research) of the coordinator during the three years preceding the start date of the project.


Work package 2. Networking

Task 2.1 Short term staff exchanges – outgoing visits

Task 2.2 Incoming expert visits

Task 2.3 Expert visits in project and administration management


Work package 3. Scientific excellence

Task 3.1 Organization of joint summer schools for training.

Task 3.2. Short-term on-site training of the Faculty staff in partner institutions.

Task 3.3 Support for publications in good quality scientific journals.

Task 3.4 Annual evaluation of the research performance and impact.


Work package 4. Innovation capacity and smart specialization strategy

Task 4.1 Stimulating contacts with local and European industry.

Task 4.2 Seminar on intellectual property rights.

Task 4.3 Seminar on innovations.

Task 4.4 Seminars for Smart Specialization Strategy priorities.



Work package 5. Dissemination and outreach

Task 5.1 Organization of four thematic workshops.

Task 5.2 Participation of the Faculty staff in scientific conferences and events

Task 5.3 Increasing the visibility of the Faculty in the society.

Task 5.4 Project web site and social networks as communication tools.