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Annual evaluation of the research performance and impact
The annual evaluation of the research performance and impact of the Faculty‟s researchers is one of the core activities of the project. It is a way to evaluate how the project implementation influences the Faculty‟s research performance, i.e. to estimate the impact of the project on the scientific production of the Faculty. In this activity the partnering organizations are also actively involved as they provide the expertise to evaluate the scientific performance and also they advices and assist the Faculty researchers to achieve the target goals.
The results from the 1st year of the project have been reviewed and commented by one representative from each partnering organization, namely:

Prof. Stoyan Smoukov, University of Cambridge

Dr. Markus Bannwarth, Max Plank Institute for polymer research, Mainz

Prof. Stefan T. Bromley, University of Barcelona
The evaluation results will be used as an indicator for the project implementation and will be discussed with the MC and the heads of the research groups from the Faculty, participating in the project.